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The official outlet for information concerning COVID-19 in St. Clair County will be via the Emergency Management Agency Faceboook Page.
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St. Clair County
         THE MOBILE HOME LOCAL SERVICES TAX ENFORCEMENT ACT, Public Act 92-807, was effective January 1, 2003. 
      This act applies the same laws used in real estate taxation to mobile home taxation:
      1. Failure to pay mobile home tax by the due date, June 5, 2020, will result in a penalty of $25 per month.
      2. Failure to pay mobile home tax by August 21, 2020 will result in publication in the newspaper.
      3. Failure to pay by October 2, 2020 will result in tax sale. Failure to redeem back taxes could result in the loss of the mobile home. 

     Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MH penalty will be delayed until July 5, 2020


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