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Homestead Fraud Report
Help Us Prevent Homestead Exemption Fraud
Homestead exemption fraud is a serious issue that affects every taxpayer. Homestead exemption was created as a benefit for homeowners who live in St. Clair County and make it their permanent and legal residence. When someone is receiving an exemption to which he or she is not entitled, law-abiding property owners must make up the difference in lost tax revenue by paying higher taxes.
If you know of anyone who is claiming homestead exemption on a property that he or she is not permanently residing in, is rented, vacant or is merely a vacation home, we urge you to make a report to our office by completing the form below, call our Homestead Fraud Hotline at 618-825-2518 or write to us at the following address: St. Clair County Assessor’s office, Homestead Exemption Dept., 10 Public Square, Belleville, IL  62220. In the interest of expediency, it is extremely helpful and time saving to an investigation if we speak to you personally, but in the end you may remain anonymous if you prefer by not providing your name or contact info below. If you do wish to receive a phone call after the investigation is complete, please DO fill out your contact info below. Please know that each report will be investigated thoroughly.
Please remember that the status of a property on January 1 each year is used to determine the property’s value and exemption status for the entire year. That means if a property owner has homestead exemption and sells the property; his exemption will remain on the property for the entire calendar year, and will be removed as of January 1 of the next year. Although there will still be an exemption on the property after the sale, it is NOT the new owner’s exemption.
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