As a not-for-profit organization, Special Emergency Services relies
on contributions from the public and private sector to provide
the proper training and equipment needed to
complete their mission.
As a thank-you for your tax-deductible monetary support . . .
Member –  $50 - $250
Contributions of $50 dollars or more will receive placement on the
donations board of Special Emergency Services website.
Council’s Circle –  $251 - $499
All of the above plus an official Special Emergency Services t-shirt
and invitation to a special awards dinner.
Chairman’s Circle –  $500 and above
All of the above plus special recognition at the St. Clair Special Emergency Services Association Awards Dinner and Annual Golf Tournament.
For further funding information or to
submit a donation, please contact:
Pat Schaefer

Phone: 618/537-4949

Fax: 618/456-7890