St. Clair Special Emergencies Service Association (SCSESA) provides much needed aid at times of disaster and emergency. In order to provide the best services possible, SCSESA must keep a large number of skilled experts and volunteers on board to help. How Do I Volunteer?
Complete the application along with your signature and date
Send the application to the SCSESA New Member Review Committee, which has been selected by the SCSESA Board.
You will receive a phone call asking for additional information if needed and will be given an outline of the application process and the length of time the review takes.
A SCSESA representative will call you to set up an appointment for an interview to evaluate you interests and reasons for membership
After the interview, a background check is run. If passed you are then eligible for membership and will be recommended by the New Member Review Committee to the SCSESA Board during the monthly meeting.
Upon approval of the Board, you will be accepted and the New Member review Committee will be responsible for adding your contact information to the member database.
You will attend a new member orientation calls and be assigned an existing SCSESA member as your mentor. The mentor will stay in contact with you in order to provide you with al the necessary information and to discuss your goals and expectations.
The SCSESA President will send you a welcoming letter, confirm orientation logistics, and new member mentor contact information.
SCSESA’s goal is to retain dedicated, enthusiastic members who offer great knowledge and skill to the team. In turn, the members will acquire valuable knowledge, develop a high level of technical expertise, and have opportunities to gain experiences in HAZMAT Response, WMD, and/or Technical Rescue.
Who Do I contact?
St. Clair Special Emergency Services Association 2900 Falling Springs Rd. Sauget, IL 62206
Chief Robert Blackwell
Phone: (618) 558-7288
Membership Requirements
Members of SCSESA are required to fulfill certain duties throughout the year. All members must participate in training courses annually. Those courses include identifying hazardous materials, rescue, responding to tank truck and rail car incidents, and any other hazardous release incidents in St. Clair County. SCSESA members are certified as hazmat technicians under the State of Illinois.