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Real Estate Tax Payments

Real estate tax first installments are due June 21 and second installments are due August 21 balances can be paid online from the Parcel Search Page



Search your real estate tax infomation and pay online using the Parcel Search Page.


2nd installment for the 2018 Real Estate Taxes are due Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  First installment was due June 21, 2019. 

Please follow the fee schedule listed on the stubs attached to your tax bill. 



          Andrew Lopinot                                     
          St. Clair County Treasurer 
The Treasurer's Office is responsible to safeguard, maintain and invest more than $185 million in County funds.   

Our commitment is to provide excellence in public services. The St. Clair County Treasurer’s office exists simply as a resource which enables the public to benefit from the tax dollars they are required to pay.
Our goals include:
Maintaining professional courtesy and integrity;
Having a proactive attitude in raising technical or business related issues;
Insuring that all County money is secure, liquid as needed and invested at a fair market or higher rate.
Holding all tax money prior to distribution at fair market or higher rates;

Providing more information about property tax exemptions, programs and procedures.