Real Estate taxes are billed and collected in the following year.  Normally, St. Clair County’s tax bills will be issued in mid-May and are payable in two installments, late June and August.  
Property owners are responsible to ensure their real estate taxes are paid, even if they are new owners who did not own the property the previous year.  Additional information should be on your closing statement or from your attorney.
New property owners can obtain tax information as well as tax payment coupons from our web site, Click here.  A transfer of title from a deed is forwarded by the Recorder of Deeds to Mapping and Platting, which maintains the name and address files.
Many property owners’ taxes are paid from their escrow by their mortgage company.  Property owners should check with their mortgage companies if they are unsure if taxes are escrowed.  St. Clair County receives thousands of duplicate payments each year.  Many are from property owners who do not realize that their mortgage company pays their taxes.
St. Clair County mails property owners their tax bills and not their mortgage company because all assessment notices and unpaid tax notices are mailed to the same address.  Important assessment information, exemption and payment information is included in these notices.  Property owners are ultimately responsible to ensure their property taxes are paid.