​THE MOBILE HOME LOCAL SERVICES TAX ENFORCEMENT ACT, Public Act 92-807, was effective January 1, 2003. 

This act applies the same laws used in real estate taxation to mobile home taxation:
  1. Failure to pay mobile home tax by the due date, June 7, 2019, will result in a penalty of $25 per month.
  2. Failure to pay mobile home tax by August 23, 2019 will result in publication in the newspaper.
  3. Failure to pay by October 7, 2019 will result in tax sale. Failure to redeem back taxes could result in the loss of the mobile home. 

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2018 Mobile Home Tax Collection Schedule
Early April                              Bills mailed to mobile home owners
June 7, 2019                          Due date, pay by this date to avoid penalties
June 8, 2019                          Penalty of $25 added to unpaid taxes
July 8, 2019                           Additional penalty of $50 added to unpaid taxes
August 8, 2019                       Additional penalty of $75 added to unpaid taxes 
August 23, 2019                     Last day to pay tax to avoid publication
August 24, 2019                     Additional penalty of $85 added to unpaid taxes 
August 30, 2019                     Notice of tax sale by certified mail
September 8,2019                  Additional penalty of $110 added to unpaid taxes 
September 03-06,2019           Publications of all unpaid taxes
October 4, 2019                     Last day to pay taxes to avoid tax sale
October 7, 2019                     Tax sale of all unpaid taxes
After October 7, 2019 delinquent taxes may be paid to the County Clerk.
To transfer the title of a mobile home to a new owner, the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles requires a certification stating all taxes are paid current. 
To apply for a certification:
    Current and delinquent taxes must be paid;
    Present mobile home title, new owner's name and address and $10 to the      
    Collector's Office.
Questions regarding current mobile home tax may be directed to Vicky, 618 277-6600 ext. 2451.

Questions regarding mobile home assessments may be directed to Amanda  618 277-6600, ext. 2651.
Questions regarding delinquent mobile home tax may be directed to Amy, 618 277-6600 ext. 2381.